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Wonderland / Harikalar Diyari(in Turkish) is a project i started up in 2002 with the great gypsy clarinetist Husnu Senlendirici. We had been playing a couple of years prior to that and i became very interested in starting to explore the sounds and smells of Istanbul. Since I was a child we as a family used to travel to the south of Turkey on summer vacation from Sweden. My memory from those days was that the 70’s arabesque/turkish music was coming out of the bus speakers, the radio and from open air movie theaters. It was like the golden era of Turkish music and it’s still ringing in my ears. This is what I’m trying to portray in a way with this band,the feel of it, how it feels to me in my memory. And with Husnu adding his arabesque/gypsy way is really something. He is such an amazing player,he has been playing professionally since he was 3 years old ! Our first record was released back then but now we have finally recorded our second record and it’s out in Turkey, will be released here in the US may6th , in japan June 17th and in Europe sept 1 ,2014.

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