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Praia Futuro

“Praia Futuro” can be thought of as the spiritual descendants of the early 70s “udigrudi” movement of the Brazilian Northeast. The “udigrudis” were the hippies and freaks of Recife, Maranhão and Fortaleza who adopted a laid-back, “soon come” approach to life and creating art and loved to combine different musical elements into their musical stew. This is where Praia Futuro is coming from. Nublu founder Ilhan Ersahin has joined forces with some of the modern Northeast’s leading lights, including drummer/producer Kalil, sought-after guitarist Catatau of the band Cidadão Instigado (among other projects), and Nação Zumbi legend Dengue. That’s a lot of heavyweight firepower right there and despite the very laid-back approach (remember that udigrudi heritage!) has produced some incredibly fresh and vital sounds.

They draw more on a combination of rock and the rich native Northeastern music culture of Brazil than on any notion of samba or bossa. It also brings forth a fusion of jazz and rock but generally sounds nothing like what is commonly accepted as “jazz-rock fusion.” This freewheeling, organic result of in-the-moment interactions between musicians intone with each other and having an open-ended blast is reflective of the musical culture Nublu (the club, the label and the culture) has nurtured from day one. The surf is definitely up on this “Future Beach” and the waves are extremely high, so prepare to ride them. This is a record that promises to stretch many ears and blow quite a few minds.

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