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Nublu Orchestra

Me and everyone at Nublu was great friends with the real Maestro Butch Morris. Him passing away last year,2013,was a very sad moment for us and to lots of people. I was playing with Butch on different occasions prior to me opening Nublu in 2002. Butch used to come by Nublu almost every night over all those years, since he was also a neighbour. Butch saw what was happening at Nublu since the early days and in 2004 we decided to form the Nublu Orchestra conducted by Butch Morris using the musicians that was playing at Nublu. Since Butch was already doing “conduction” since the mid 80’s we decided together that the aim for this orchestra was to use more of an electronic undertone to it, beats and loops to differentiate from his other conductions and as well get the Nublu flavor out of it. Butch’s own language taught us all so much, he was a mentor, an artists who always questioned all actions and reactions. It was a fantastic time to play with him and we released one record in 2008. We will release a 10 LP set from our live concerts in Europe in the fall of 2014. We are continuing Nublu Orchestra with different people conducting it , lately Kenny Wollesen has been conducting it in the spirit of Butch Morris and his language.

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