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2021 - played on a track by DJ Ali Kuru called “eplos”.


2020 - released a live EP with great musician/ clarinetist Husnu Senlendirici called "Terasta”  , composed the 4 tracks on there.


2020 - collectively wrote the last Istanbul Sessions album with my bandmates, Alp Ersonmez, Izzet Kizil, Turgut Alp Bekoglu. Album is called  ‘ Bir zamanlar simdi” , means, once upon a time now.


2018 - recorded and wrote songs for the album "Silver" with legends eddie henderson on trumpet and bassman Juini Booth. The great drummer kenny wollesen was also on it

2017 - played keyboards and sax on a track called “Revenge of the wankers” that became a big song on the charts by Oceanvs Orientalis.

2016 - recorded and composed songs together with my brazilian band called “ praia futuro”. Dengue on bass, catatu on guitar and kalil on drums. we have a new album coming out 2021

2013 – wrote the song ‘ Fathers and Daughters ” with Jane Birkin for my album “The other side”. I wrote the music Jane wrote the beautiful lyrics.

2013 – composed the song ” canimsin deme bana” with Turkish star Seyyal Taner for my album ” The other side”. I wrote the music, husnu and I wrote the melody and Turkish lyric legend Ali Tekinture wrote the lyrics.

2012 – wrote the song “Like This” with Brazilian artist Tulipa. It was voted the record of the year by Rolling Stone mag in Brazil.

2010 – wrote the song 6 minutos with otto for Otto’s album “certa manha acordei de sonhos intranquilos”

2009 – Sketches of Chinatown – music for Fatih Akin’s short film, as part of the feature release; New York I love you.

2008 – made the music to a BBC/ Swedish Television documentary about Orhan Pamuk’s Nobel Prize.

2007 – wrote the song “thinking about you” with norah jones for her album not too late.

for my own records I have worked and composed with Bebel Gilberto, Norah Jones, U-Roy , Eddie Henderson, Erik Truffaz, Sabina Sciubba. Saul Williams, Ndea Davenport, Karina Zeviani, Mamelo Soundsytem, Nina Becker, Thalma de Freitas, Nil Karaibrahimgil, Bora Uzer, Dilara Sakpinar, Husnu Senlendirci, and many more

….then ofcourse the musicians i usually work with; Kenny Wollesen, Jesse Murphy, Aaron Johnston, Thor Madsen, Jochen Rueckert, Juini Booth, Matt Penman, Alp Ersonmez, Turgut Bekoglu, Izzet Kizil and many more..

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