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Love Trio

This trio is in a way the first real Nublu band. We were the first band playing at Nublu back in 2002, the year we opened, and it was actually formed to fit the vibe on the weekends. We all came from a jazzy background but we were also dealing with dance music and some live electronics to be incorporated in the live sets and that was the vibe that Nublu had then, and still has in a way. I knew Jesse and Kenny since the early nineties when we all arrived from different places to NYC, and we played together in various bands but Love Trio was formed when Nublu opened. Our first album is really the sound Im talking about and that sound lead to many other bands starting up around here. The first album was called “trying to spread some more love” which also featured DJ Logic, Eddie Henderson and Marla Turner.

We have all been busy with various projects over the years, Kenny with John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Tom Waits, Sex Mob etc …Jesse with John Scofiled, Brazilian Girls, Madeleine Peyroux etc and me, Ilhan , with Nublu , Wax Poetic, Wonderland, istanbul Sessions, and writing music for different situations Love Trio is unfortunately not a band that has been touring lots. We have played in Turkey (Istanbul), France and in Brazil, other than that we have pretty much just played at Nublu in New York city. In the last  2 years, the great percussion man Arto Tuncboyaciyan, has played with us lots. It’s been real cool. Last year in Brazil we had 2 guests from there with us, Lanny Gordin on guitar and Joao Parahyba on percussion, both legends of Brazilian music . 6 years ago we did a record with great vocalist U-roy from Jamaica, the original , they call him. We did a tour of France with him, it was real nice. And that became our 2nd record ” Love Trio with U-roy “.

Currently we keep playing saturday nights at Nublu whenever everyone is in the city and we will go in to the studio soon to start making our 3rd album.

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