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Bugge'n Friends

I was so happy when 2 years ago the great Norwegian keyboardist,pianist,composer and band leader Bugge Wesseltoft asked me to join his new project called Bugge n’ Friends. He told me that he felt we all had been dealing with the same sound structures and feel on different places of the earth at the same time. Me here in NYC and Istanbul, Erik Truffaz in France and in Europe , Bugge in Scandinavia and all over, Joe Clausell in the US and Japan, but alos among many other places, to deal with live music vs dance beats and electronics..but to execute it live in an interesting and personal way. So ..Bugge started up the band 2 years ago and since then we have played in about 20 or so festivals all over the world and we are now waiting eagerly for Bugge to finish up the mixes of our first album. The band is Bugge Wesseltoft on piano/keyboards, Erik Truffaz on trumpet, Ilhan Ersahin on saxophone, Joaquin ” Joe ” Clausell on turntables and beats, Erik Holm on percussion, Andreas Bye on drums and Marius Reksjo on bass. Album will be out hopefully in the fall of 2014 or winter 2015.

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